Industrial waste water treatment

    Main spc promvodochistka ltd (scientific production center) profile is conditioning of water and treatment of industrial enterprise waste waters. Process chains may significantly differ depending on the requirements set to water quality and production specifics.

    The company’s specialists face the problems pertaining to development of processes, selection of nomenclature of the equipment required and actual implementation of designs developed for industrial waste water treatment. It is possible to use both standard equipment and technologies and to develop individual solutions in case of need.

    Industrial waste water treatment systems.

    Spc promvodochistka ltd offers such nomenclature of equipment which may be used both as independent self-contained units and as separate stages in a complicated technology. As practice shows the best results are obtained with the use of integrated, multistage treatment systems.

    очистка сточных вод предприятий

    Various items of equipment may be included into facilities designed depending on quality of water being treated and requirements set to water obtained:

    • Mechanical filters
    • Hydrocyclones;
    • Sorption filters;
    • Flotation units;
    • Biological treatment plants;
    • Systems in which the membrane filtration concept is used (osmos, ultra-nano-filtration);
    • Aeration units;
    • Ozone generators;
    • Uv disinfection units.

    To ensure treatment system operation the following auxiliary equipment is needed:

    • Pumps;
    • Dozing systems;
    • Automated process control (apc) and monitoring systems;
    • Control, shutoff and safety valves;
    • Firefighting system valves.

    Effective cooperation

    It is possible to get acquainted with standard equipment model range in spc promvodochistka ltd catalogue. The catalogue includes in-house models together with those developed by foreign leading manufacturers. In special sections of the catalogue one can find brief descriptions, designations and technical data sheets. The company specialists may give details about equipment delivery terms, cost and provide additional data on items of interest. If off-the-shelf solution is not suitable for any customer, there is a possibility to develop a specific tailored option of industrial waste water treatment systems. This includes both design of nonstandard units, selection of reagents, treatment methods and manufacture of optional customized equipment. Our company is able to provide full package of installation, commissioning and startup works as part of technical support and render guaranteed and after-guaranteed services of the equipment installed. All activities of the company have been certified in accordance with iso 9001 quality standards. The company’s personnel have sufficient experience, competence and facilities to achieve optimal results. Probably you may be interested in the following equipment: Water control and shutoff-valves