Washing water treatment plants

    Spc promvodochistka ltd renders design and construction services for water treatment facilities intended for concentration, advanced treatment and dewatering of washing filters from various water treatment systems.

    Our company conducts optimization studies of waste water treatment facilities with capacities of 15 to 10 000 m3/day.

    Vast experience gained, in-house production center and construction design office, patent-protected scientific developments give us the possibility to render high quality services and offer efficient treatment technologies.

    Our company is ready to help at all stages of cooperation:

    • To develop technical and economic feasibility studies of construction (reconstruction) of waste water treatment facilities and design documentation;
    • To manufacture and deliver equipment for waste water treatment facilities;
    • To do civil and installation, commissioning and startup works and supervision;
    • To provide guaranteed and after-guaranteed service of completely constructed facilities.


    очистные сооружения очистные сооружения
    очистные сооружения очистные сооружения

    General design stages and completeness of washing water treatment plants:

    • Development of the project:

    - stages: ‘design’ and ‘detailed design’, sections ‘technology of production’ (тх), ‘automation and control’ (а) and ‘electric equipment” (эм), issuance of technical assignment concerning relative parts of the project;
    - engineering and topographical surveys, geological investigations, state examination to be undergone, master plot plan development, foundation design, external utilities design.

    • Treatment technology (general)*includes the following assemblies:

    - surge tank with pumps;
    - reactant purification assembly to treat wastes with coagulant solution;
    - suspension settling assembly (settlers are equipped with thin-bed units);
    - clarified water fine filtration assembly based on mechanical filters;
    - sediment (sludge) dewatering assembly with preliminary flocculent solution loading;
    - industrial building.
    * a process chain is selected based on initial data on waste waters.

    • Civil and installation works:

    - installation of process equipment;
    - construction of process building;
    - installation of process pipelines;
    - installation of heating and ventilation systems;
    - installation of power electric equipment;
    - installation of instrumentation.

    • Commissioning and startup works

    As a rule, treated water returns back to the water treatment station head and may be reused at the washing stage.


    • Costs of civil and installation works shall be determined by design and cost estimate calculations and coefficients being in force for the period of construction.
    • Payment procedure and terms shall be specified in the contract.
    • Guaranteed period for all components and equipment manufactured by spc promvodochistka ltd is 24 months, warranty periods for equipment supplied by vendors are in compliance with nameplate data on these products.
    • Spc promvodochistka ltd renders after-guaranteed services of completely constructed facilities.
    • The final price and delivery terms shall be approved by ‘the supplier’ and ‘the customer’ upon agreement of all components, materials and scope of works for the facility.