Ultrafiltration facilities.

    Designation Operation concept Advantages

    Установки ультрафильтрации


    Performance, m3 / hour

    Power consumption,kW

    Weight, kg

    Dimensions, mm

    ПВО-UF-5 5 4 205 1400/1100/1900
    ПВО-UF-10 10 4 310 1400/1100/1900
    ПВО-UF-20 20 8 550 1700/1000/2400
    ПВО-UF-30 30 12 730 3050/1000/2400
    ПВО-UF-40 40  16 920 3400/1000/2400
    ПВО-UF-50 50 20 1110 4050/1300/2400
    ПВО-UF-60 60 24 1300 4400/1300/2400
    ПВО-UF-70 70 28 1520 4750/1300/2400
    ПВО-UF-80 80 32 1710 5100/1300/2400
    ПВО-UF-90 90 36 1910 5400/1300/2400

    Designation of water ultrafiltration.

    Water ultrafiltration is used to remove proteins, high molecular organic compounds from liquids. The facilities are capable of partial retaining of bacteria and viruses. Mechanical fine-dispersed impurities may be also removed. The technique is of high demand in various sectors of industry thanks to its rather extensive potentialities: • Feed water treatment at facilities with demineralization filters and reverse osmos (ro) plants (boiler houses and plants, heat exchanging equipment); • Removal of bacteria and viruses from flows of water coming from open sources (treatment of drinking and process water); • Treatment of industrial waste waters; • Final stage of advanced treatment downstream of biological waste treatment facilities.


    Scope of application of water ultrafiltration facilities:

    Heating energy sector Water pretreatment upstream of systems with demineralization filters and reverse osmos
    Drinking water supply Removal of bacteria and viruses, obtaining high quality water from open sources (water intake from rivers, lakes, water basins).
    Waste water treatment Advanced waste water treatment downstream of biological treatment stations.

    Design of water ultrafiltration modules:

    Ultrafiltration operation concept..

    Ultrafiltration is included into baromembrane separation processes. Pressure differential between two sides of a filter diaphragm (membrane) is an applied force.

    To prevent fast failure of the equipment incoming water shall be pretreated for the purpose of removing small mechanical impurities. This function is performed by a mechanical filter–‘dirt collector’.
    In case of need an incoming line may be equipped with secondary reagents (coagulants and flocculants); these reagents help to retain particles the sizes of which are less than the diameter of membrane pores. Reagents added into water flow cause formation of small flakes (floccules). Colloidal and organic impurities to be removed are retained (fixed) on the surface of flakes produced.

    Filtering modules shall be periodically flushed to restore the facility to working condition. Backwashing is performed from a permeate water collector.
    Additional reagents (acid, alkali or sodium hypochlorite) are used in case of stable chemical sludge formation. A washing solution passes through the outer side of filter fiber and goes inside washing off all accumulated contaminants into drainage.


    установка ультрафильтрации

    Design of ultrafiltration facilities.

    A filtering module is a main item of an ultrafiltration facility. Ultrafiltration facilities implemented by the company are based on modules manufactured according to multibore® technology.
    Water flow passes through a multichannel fiber bundle. Filter fibers are made of polyester- sulphone. Specific feature of this material is availability of fine structural pores of 0.02µm diameter. Actually fiber walls represent a filter itself with a semi-permeable membrane. The module arrangement makes incoming water flow move inside the fiber bundle. Filtration process is directed inside-out. Retained contaminants are left inside channels. Clean water (permeate) comes out via walls and is discharged from the body.


    модуль ультрафильтрации модуль ультрафильтрации модуль ультрафильтрации


    Composition of ultrafiltration facilities.

    Main structural elements of uf facilities may slightly differ depending on working conditions, requirements set to treated water quality and the automation level required. A basic standard configuration includes the following items:

    • Package of filtering modules;
    • Package of reagents (dozing of coagulant and flocculant solutions);
    • Preliminary filter;
    • Automatic flushing assembly;
    • Automatic control unit;
    • Piping and valves.

    The complete set of the facility may be extended optionally (upon the customer request) or in case of need. The following items are added in this case:

    • Accumulating filtrate tank;
    • Delivery pump on incoming line;
    • Instrumentation (quantity and functionality of metering devices determine automation level of the system).

    компановка установки ультрафильтрации

    Ultrafiltration advantages:

    • Wide range of equipment models which ensure 5-90 m3/h treatment;
    • Low mains pressure required (1-2 atm.);
    • Modular design providing addition of filtering elements for the capacity improvement in case of need;
    • Low power consumption;
    • Space saving;
    • Low water consumption required to restore to working condition;
    • 100% degree of treatment (removal of suspended matters);
    • Removal of bacteria and viruses from water (up to 99.99%);
    • Purification of water having high turbidity and color;
    • Removal of colloidal impurities and high molecular organic compounds;
    • Extensive opportunities for automation of the facility operation and integration with existing control systems.

    Efficiency of the equipment offered by spc Promvodochistka ltd is confirmed by successful operation of numerous facilities implemented throughout Russia.

    Options of process stage sequences.

    Ultrafiltration facilities manufactured by spc promvodochistka ltd may be used in processes of various complexities. There are several options of sequences of treatment process stages:

    • Option 1:

    - coarse mechanical treatment
    - ultrafiltration

    This option is used for water coming from a well. Incoming water flow has a high concentration of suspended matters while the other parameters are within normal specified values.

    •  Option 2:

    - coarse mechanical treatment;
    - mechanical filtration through a layer of inert material;
    - ultrafiltration;
    - filtration through a layer of sorption material.

    This option is used for water having high concentrations of iron, suspended matters and high turbidity. It is intended for treatment of water coming from open intake sources.

    • Option 3

    - coarse mechanical treatment;
    - ultrafiltration;
    - filtration through a layer of sorption material;
    - water demineralization.

    This option is mainly used for surface sources of water having high concentrations of manganese and calcium salts.

    • Option 4

    - coarse mechanical treatment;
    - ultrafiltration;
    - filtration through a layer of sorption material;
    - processing at reverse osmos (ro) units.

    This option aims at processing of water with high concentrations of heavy metals ions and exceedance in specified standard organoleptic parameters. Suspended matters, iron, calcium and manganese salts may be removed in parallel.

    Capabilities of ultrafiltration facilities are not limited by options indicated above. Please contact spc promvodochistka ltd specialists (the engineering department) and they will help you to select a treatment process cycle using the membrane equipment suitable for any conditions.