Water treatment hydrocyclones

    Designation Operation Concept Advantages Cost


    Model Productivity, m3 / hour Input / Output, mm Weight, kg

    Dimensions (H/L/B)

    ПВО-ГЦ-1025 3,5-7,5  25 8 527/312/150 
    ПВ0-ГЦ-1040  9.5-12  40  16 640/457/178 
    ПВО-ГЦ-1050  14-18 50  40 964/505/245
    ПВО-ГЦ-1080   35-45 80  50 990/505/245
    ПВО-ГЦ-1090   50-62 100/80  80 1550/790/362
    ПВО-ГЦ-1100   86-120 100  100 1950/820/432
    ПВО-ГЦ-1150   150-190 150  175 1911/1085/700
    ПВО-ГЦ-1200   230-370 200  328  2897/1363/809

    Designation of hydrocyclones.

    Hydrocyclones are used to treat water containing colloidal matters. Sand, small stones, solid particles, debris are removed centrifugally from the flow processed. For centrifugal water treatment SPC PromVodOchistka LTD offers a number of facilities. Capacities of various standard models vary from 14 to 120m3/h.

    The use of hydrocyclone equipment provides the possibility to perform several functions simultaneously:
    • pretreatment of incoming flow;
    • pump equipment protection against large particulate matters.

    гидроциклон для очистки воды 

    Operation concept of pressure hydrocyclones.

    Centrifugal separation of solid matters from liquid flow serves as the basis for operation of pressure hydrocyclones.
    принцип работы гидроциклона

    A hydrocyclone body has a cone form. Water enters a cone base via a peripheral branch pipe. Two circular flows are formed inside the body:
    • external flow moves along walls to the cone top;
    • internal flow moves in reverse direction.

    Solid inclusions in spiral mode of motion are thrown back by centrifugal force to hydrocyclone walls and drop down through the cone top to a sludge tank. Liquid is partially discharged from the hydrocyclone together with sludge. The remaining part of liquid is discharged inside the hydrocyclone. Spiral motion of liquid in the hydrocyclone generates vacuum which entrains treated portion of the internal flow and discharges it through a central outlet port.

    напорный гидроциклон

    Level of efficiency of various water treatment techniques

    Water treatment equipment

    Degree of removal of mechanical impurities, %

    Pressure hydrocyclone


    Hydrocyclone + strainer



    • hydrocyclone small size;
    • absence of moving elements;
    • high degree of solid matters removal (the hydrocyclone provides max. 90% removal of mechanical impurities and the hydrocyclone and strainer co-utilization provides 100% removal thereof);
    • high decontamination rate;
    • operation free of any reagents;
    • selection of the capacity required for specific conditions due to wide model range of equipment;
    • possibility for full automation of operation. 

    Water treatment with the help of disk filters and strainers is an alternative common technique of water primary purification.

    Types of hydrocyclones.

    Pressure hydrocyclones.

    Pressure hydrocyclones are classical type of hydrocyclones. Hydrocyclone is a unit with an isolated body of cone form. Water is injected into the body base. Sludge is separated by a drain tube located at its top. Treated liquid is discharged through an axial outlet port. Water to the unit is supplied under pressure thus increasing particle separation rate and improving the process efficiency.
    Spc promvodochistka ltd is ready to deliver both typical vertical pressure hydrocyclones and inclined and horizontal ones as well. Parallel equipment chains may be implemented depending on the requirements of the process. Disk filters and strainers may be additionally supplied in case of need.

    Non-pressure hydrocyclones.

    Non-pressure hydrocyclones are used to separate oil product light ends and solutions with significant quantity of coagulated suspended particles.
    Such units are of open design. Contaminants are discharged from the cone top. Treated water is discharged through a system of overflow trays located in the body upper part.

    Sand catchers.

    Sand catchers are a sort of hydrocyclones. They serve to remove sand from water flows. There are vertical, horizontal and circular units distinguished on the basis of the flow pattern.
    The sand catcher is calculated and designed in such a way as to provide optimal water velocity at which sand settles out and light organic contaminants are sent to the further treatment stage.
    Sand catchers are mainly used in preliminary treatment upstream of settlers and in local rain and melt waters treatment facilities.
    Non-pressure cyclones and sand catchers are not included into the standard product line offered by spc promvodochistka ltd. However such units may be designed, selected and manufactured in case of need.

    Use of hydrocyclones. 

    Hydrocyclone equipment may be successfully utilized as a preliminary treatment stage in many industrial sectors:

    • Industrial waste water treatment (waste waters with high concentration of suspended particles);
    • Conditioning of water coming from open sources intended for process needs;
    • Arrangement of circulating water supply.


    Please write to info@prom-water.ru or fill in the form posted on the wed- site if you want to clarify costs of hydrocyclones. A consultant provides you with information within 15 minutes.

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