Our partners

    On the territory of the Russian company "SPC PromVodOchistka" officially represents the equipment of foreign partner companies:



    Control valves, air relief valves, safety valves, pump control valves, solenoid valves, valves for fire fighting.

    Production of valves in 1946


    Disc, mesh, microfiber filters of varying degrees of automation.


    INGE - a global manufacturer of ultrafiltration membranes and modules with patented technology
    membranes Multibore®

    Product certification to DIN ISO 9001



    Yamit - the manufacturer of mesh, brush and scanner filters of varying degrees of automation - from 1985

    Innovative and cost-effective ideas for water treatment systems.


    Hakohav - manufacturer of pipe fittings in different sizes:

    ● centric (vulcanized) Butterfly valves
    ● valves with rubber-wedge
    ● diaphragm valves