Company SPC PromVodOchistka provides a wide range of services in the field of water supply, sanitation and water purification.
    For the implementation of each activity corresponds to his unit, staffed by specialists highly directional, each of which - a professional in their field. Be assured of competent and qualitative performance of each service offered by the NPC PromVodOchistka.

    PROIZVODSVENNYE and construction work:

    ● water treatment facilities;
    ● sewage treatment plant;
    ● sewage treatment plant;

    Installation and repair work:

    ● installation and commissioning of systems and equipment;
    ● warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the equipment;
    r● econstruction and repair of water treatment facilities;
    ● training, advisory and methodological assistance to our leading experts.

    Complete solutions:

    ● mobile and modular water treatment systems and filters for water utilities;
    ● systems for concentration and purification of waste water for agriculture;
    ● complexes for the preparation of water for boiler and power plants;
    ● osoboopasnyh wastewater treatment facilities.