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    Industrial water purification systems.

    Specialization of our company - the development and technical implementation of water treatment systems, water supply and sanitation. Close cooperation with leading domestic and foreign research institutes brings advanced innovative solutions that achieve effective results in solving the most complex tasks.

    His company can offer customers both standard ready-made solutions, and development of non-standard technologies and process chains, depending on the specifics of the enterprise.

    SPC PromVodOchistka offers a range of industrial water treatment systems. The catalog of models are presented, which can be used as separate independent units, or as part of integrated wastewater treatment systems and water treatment for industrial and drinking purposes.

    Qualification of specialists allows us to find a comprehensive solution for any zadachi.V cooperation process, pick up the necessary performance and the degree of purification equipment, carried out installation and commissioning works on the whole territory of Russia can be developed.

    All the solutions offered by the NPC PromVodOchistka satisfy the ISO 9001 quality standards and are able to effectively address issues related to the environment and human security.

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