Water disk primary filters

    Designation Operation Concept Advantages

    Designation of disk filters.

    In water treatment systems mechanical filters are used as a preliminary stage. They are designed for removal of solid inclusions from incoming water flow. 

    Operation concept of water treatment primary filters.

    Water treatment primary filters developed by SPC PromVodOchistka LTD are equipped with Arkal filter elements manufactured in Israel. The product slate covers a wide range of capacities from 6m3/h to 160m3/h.

    Arkal products included into the Company’s catalogue may be conditionally divided into three groups:
    • filters with hand flushing;
    • filters with automatic flushing:

    - 2” SpinKlin Series;
    -3” SpinKlin Series.

    мембраны дискового фильтра фильтрующая поверхность фильтра

    The key working part is a pack of polymer rings closely tightened with each other. Water flow passes through this pack thanks to small grooves available on disk surface. Closely tightened disks form a bulk structure with strictly defined parameters. Surface roughness overall dimensions define a diameter of flow channels and a degree of treatment accordingly. Sizes of retained particles vary from 20 to 400µm. In order to simplify identification of filter elements a color scale is used. Disks of fine (secondary) filters are made of grey color polymer, disks of primary filters – of black color polymer.
    A filter element is installed into a filter body - filter ring. Incoming water flow passes into the body, then it passes via flow channels between disks and is discharged through an outlet port.

    фильтр грубой очистки воды

    Filter Flushing.

    In the course of operation the equipment capacity reduces step-by-step. Such loss of capacity results from decrease in filtering surface of elements as retained suspended particles are accumulated. Hand or automatic flushing ensures restoring to working condition.

    Disk Filter Hand Flushing.

    Working condition may be restored with the help of mechanical hand cleaning of each disk surface. For this purpose pressure shall be released and the filter shall be shut off from the water mains. First, the body and then the filter pack shall be removed. As soon as the body is removed, a lock spring stops its compressing action. Disk cartridge comes loose. The working element in this condition is easily flushed under water or otherwise it may be fully disassembled for careful mechanical cleaning.

    Disk Filter Automatic Flushing.

    Automatic flushing does not assume dismantling of equipment. Back flushing restores the capacity.

    дисковый фильтр

    Decrease in filter capacity due to contamination causes increase in pressure upstream the filter. A control signal is being generated. The valve reverses flow direction upon its actuation. In this connection disks come loose and water passing through them washes off sludge accumulated.

    фильтр грубой очистки воды

    Advantages Of Water Treatment Primary Filters.

    • extensive opportunities relative to a capacity and a degree of treatment;
    • constructability of multistage filtration systems;
    • simple design;
    • simple implementation of flushing mode;
    • use of non-corrosive materials;
    • long-term (up to 15 years) period of operation.

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