Water control and shutoff valves


    Manufacture includes all machines and tools required for high quality valves. Process trains include only state-of-the-art equipment. Manufacturing process of control and air valves includes the following: foundry operations, machining, painting and assembling.


    Prior to shipment all products undergo hydraulic tests; such tests include simulation of the equipment operation conditions, in other words, actual conditions under which the valves shall operate.


    The company is constantly providing services and doing maintenance works, this service and maintenance system is a key distinctive feature of our enterprise. We are permanently providing our customers with technical support both directly on site and remotely. We are conducting training and giving technical consultations. The company is doing maintenance and guaranteed repair works based on routine maintenance schedule.

    Our catalogue introduces the following control and shutoff valves:

    • Control valves;
    • Shutoff valves;
    • Air valves;
    • Safety valves;
    • Firefighting system valves.

    Quality control of valve manufacture excludes possible faults of products and ensures long-term operation.

    The main spheres of valve application are:

    • Water supply systems;
    • Sprinkling and irrigation pipelines;
    • Water and heat supply of industrial facilities;
    • Domestic use.

    Air valves provide control over air availability in water and heat supply systems. Materials used are corrosion resistant ones and have long-term service life. Safety valves protect the system against hydraulic impacts in pipelines and extend service life of all elements of the system. Firefighting system valves are used both in standard firefighting systems and in Firefighting systems subject to strict requirements (e.g. Refineries). This type of valves includes: fire valves, water signal valves, sprinkler and drencher systems and valves and reducing valves as well. Valves are installed on pipelines that require control over water flow cutoff, distribution and regulation. As a rule, this equipment is used at points with high pressure differentials. Shutoff valves are made of corrosion resistant materials which withstand abrupt temperature jumps and exposure to aggressive environment. Materials used for production and design distinctive features make installation of control valves on drinking and process water pipelines possible. Presently the equipment has a reliable and high quality design suitable for aggressive environment.

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