Construction of waste water treatment facilities

    SPC PromVodOchistka LTD has the resource base and the production support center in order to construct effluent treatment plants and water treatment stations of any complexity.

    The company has:

    • construction equipment: excavating machinery, bulldozers, cranes, loaders;
    • motor vehicle fleet for construction works;
    • production areas and storage facilities;
    • large collective body of engineers and managers;
    • contractors-partners to provide construction sites with skilled personnel.

    We do:

    • construction works of water treatment complexes;
    • construction works of water purification stations;
    • construction works of effluent treatment plants;
    • construction works of buildings and facilities;
    • construction works of networks and mains;
    • installation works and supervision;
    • maintenance works.

    More details about construction of waste water treatment faciliities.

    Effluent treatment plants are widely used and form an integral part of industrial enterprises and organizations. Domestic and rainwaters shall be treated without fail.

    строительство очистных сооружений

    Goals and targets of construction of waste water treatment facilities.

    The main goal set by SPC PromVodOchistka LTD is compliance of discharged waters with regulatory values. Complete and integrated approach ensures achievement of good results, including:
    • inspection of the facility;
    • design of water treatment process flows and hardware;
    • technical solution and documentation agreement and approval by regulatory bodies;
    • procurement and manufacture of the equipment required;
    • installation, commissioning and startup works.

    Types of waste waters.

    SPC PromVodOchistka LTD constructs and upgrades effluent treatment plants designed for treatment of:
    • industrial waste waters;
    • domestic sewerage waste waters;
    • rain waste waters.
    Industrial waste waters are considered to be the most complicated ones in terms of their treatment. Their physical and chemical composition directly depends on the process utilized. Treatment process is often complicated by changes in water compositions occurred in due course of time. Additionally antibiotics available in pharmaceutical waste waters or toxic substances available in chemical and metallurgical waste waters stand in the way hindering the use of biological treatment.

    Treatment technologies.

    In order to ensure the required level of waste removal the following key technologies may be utilized:
    • mechanical- settling, filtration, centrifuging;
    • chemical – treatment based on oxidation-reduction processes, neutralization, reactions with sediment precipitation and complex compound speciation;
    • physical and chemical – flocculent and coagulant processes, flotation, use of ion exchange resins, extraction, electrolysis, ultrafiltration;
    • physical – waste waters magnetic field treatment, ultrasonic treatment, ionization and vibration;
    • biological–use of bioreactors, aerotanks, absorption fields and biological ponds.

    As a rule, the use of only one treatment techniques fails to obtain the required quality of water to be discharged. The use of combined process flow diagrams of treatment facilities is mostly efficient. In this case different treatment techniques are used at various stages of purification removing step-by-step finer impurities and contaminants.

    Effluent treatment plant equipment. 

    The whole variety of treatment processes may be implemented both on standardized equipment items and on unique equipment items developed especially for particular conditions. These are most commonly filtration units of various types or fat catchers.
    The use of standardized equipment cheapens design works and reduces operational costs thanks to the module design.
    Non-standardized equipment is more expensive. But such equipment has the advantage that it is designed and manufactured exclusively for the specified particular process flow parameters and copes more successfully with the task set. Manufacture of oil and fat catchers, settlers and tanks and vessels serve as examples of such use.
    SPC PromVodOchistka LTD specialists are helpful to provide insight into the whole variety of technologies and equipment designed for waste water treatment. Selection and implementation of the most optimal process flow diagram ensure efficient waste water treatment in full compliance with regulatory values within a long period of time with minimum expenses.