Sand blasting

    SPC PromVodOchistka LTD provides services for sand blasting of all types and for cleaning of any surfaces:

    • cleaning of various parts and mechanisms;
    • treatment of metals;
    • processing of disks;
    • machining of any non-glass and non-specular surfaces.

    Sand blasting removes rust (including deep rust), scale, burns from any surfaces and areas. Thanks to abrasive treatment building surfaces made of any construction materials are reliably cleaned.

    Пескоструйная обработка НПЦ ПромВодОчистка

    With the help of sand blasting building facades are cleaned and prepared for further painting. The following stages of sand blasting are distinguished:

    • deep abrasive treatment;
    • light sand blasting.

    The first one completely removes the smallest traces of rust, scale formed on the surface machined. The second one results in relatively clean surface with a small amount of rust. Defatting of surfaces is one more additional advantage of sand blasting which is used as a preliminary stage prior to painting.